AI, crafted for Clinical Research

Experience rapid patient identification, streamlined recruitment, and sustained retention powered by the precision of Artificial Intelligence.


Multi-Site based



Real-Time Research

DICOM Analysis

Encrypted Mobile Solution


Srotas Connect, Behavioural Science infused AI for Clinical Trials

AI-based Patient Identification

  • Process terabytes of health data and identify suitable candidates in minutes which is 100X faster than traditional methods.
  • Analyzes patient preferences, determining their inclination for decentralized (remote) participation or on-site visits, tailoring the trial approach.
  • Enables clinical researchers to conduct more effective and efficient trial feasibility checks.

Behavioral Analysis for Recruitment

  • Simplifies patient recruitment through online consent forms, appointment bookings, and tele-consultations.
  • Employs Generative AI to automate email communications for identified patients, reducing clinicians’ manual efforts
  • Incorporates behavioural analysis in virtual consultations to evaluate patient confidence and motivation, enhancing the probability of successful participation in trials.


On-Trial Prognosis


  • Leverages real-time data and behavior insights to predict patient engagement and response to treatment.
  • Utilizes biomarker analysis for advanced forecasting of drug compatibility and potential side effects, ensuring personalized and safer treatment plans.
  • Enhances trial retention and patient care quality by anticipating needs and facilitating timely treatment adjustments.

LLM-based Medical Search

  • Addresses the healthcare sector’s challenge of navigating extensive unstructured clinical data.
  • Employs Large Language Models (LLMs) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide instant, actionable medical insights.
  • Enhances clinician capabilities to efficiently extract meaningful information from complex healthcare data, streamlining medical data analysis.


Faster Subject Identification

Decrease Retention Costs


Reduce Setup Times


Accelerate Your Clinical Research with SROTAS Health

Enhance medical breakthroughs with SROTAS Health’s innovative blend of AI and Behavioral Science. Our approach revolutionizes clinical research, aiming to advance healthcare breakthroughs and enhance patient outcomes through simplicity and efficiency.

Meet our flagship product, ‘Srotas Connect’—a ground-breaking AI platform infused with Behavioral Science. Unlike traditional methods, it rapidly processes large datasets, providing medical insights comparable to seasoned clinicians. This synergy empowers clinicians for superior recruitment and retention outcomes, contributing to the success of clinical trials and acting as a pivotal bridge connecting Pharma, CROs, and research sites.

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